Chris Wiley's James River Machine

I just received my CTC Control machine from Control Train Components and I am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at the CTC machine and the process to get to this point!

My goal from the onset with this railroad model was to prototypically as possible model parts of the C&O Railway’s James River Subdivision in N Scale, and as Steve King said, “provide a prototypical experience to people operating on my railroad”. And yes, signals and Centralized Traffic Control are all part of the prototype. However, had I not met Mike, I would not have been able to model this aspect of the prototype. I have been in model railroading for over 35 years, but I am not knowledgeable of railroad signal systems, much less how they are controlled by a CTC machine and to be perfectly honest had ignored this aspect of the prototype. Mike Burgett has been VERY patient with me and been a wonderful teacher to help me understand the system. Just like a pro, he took the information on my track arrangements and operation of the model railroad I am building and converted it from “hobbyist” to “professional”, in just a few short months. I now have an understanding of what an interlocking points are all about, traffic direction lights, what items are really needed on the track chart (versus what I thought aught to be on there) and a beautiful machine to execute these concepts..

The Control Machine that Mike fabricated looks like it belongs in a museum, but in reality it is a custom designed piece patterned after the tracks on MY railroad model that will be used to control traffic on my model Railroad. Thanks Mike and I would recommend his product and services to anyone!

Chris Wiley – Lynchburg, Virginia