Illinois Railway Museum's CTC Machine

In December 2004 Control Train Components was contracted to restore and rebuild two original Union Switch and Signal control machines for the Illinois Railway Museum (IRM) in Union Illinois. The first of which was a small 30 inch machine used by the Union Pacific Railroad to control between Morgan and Ehco Utah, and between Riverdale and Strawberry Utah. This machine was restored to its factory appearance for display in IRM’s recently restored Spaulding Interlocking Tower.

The second machine which is comprised of a 60 inch and 30 inch section was completely reworked per IRM’s Signal Coordinator Miss Julie Johnson specifications. This machine operates IRM’s 7 miles plus network of track. You can visit IRM’s web site at:

Overview of 60 inch section of a IRM’s custom control machine
Overview of the restored Union Pacific Morgan to Ehco, and Riverdale to Strawberry Utah machine.
Close-up of the 60 inch section’s track diagram in the area of the depot at East Union
Close-up of the 60 inch section’s track diagram Johnson Siding
The far left hand side of the 60 inch section showing Schmidt Siding