Keith Huebner's Milwaukee Road

I am modeling the Milwaukee Road in HO scale set in a fictional 1990’s setting. I have started building a portion of the main line between Chicago and Milwaukee. I wanted to implement a signal system on my layout with a Dispatcher controlled Centralized Traffic Control Machine.

Working in the Railroad industry as a Signalmen, I wanted to be sure all aspects of my signal system were as accurate as possible, this included custom made signals built to Milwaukee Road standards, realistic signal aspects and indications, and all safety features of a real signal system. But ultimately I was going to need a realistic CTC Machine.

I found out about Mike’s company, Control Train Components. He offered real US&S type signal and switch levers and parts made of metal. The feel of metal would be right on with the prototype. He also offered prototypical track diagrams.

The artwork he has done for me was extremely accurate in comparison with prototype US&S track diagrams used on real CTC machines. I was pleased that Mike went to great detail to be sure the track layout was everything I wanted it to be and the finished product is as near 100% of the original look as one can get. The quality in these products was worth every cent!